Emping found 3635 rules, 1655 for edible and 1980 for poisonous mushrooms. Select one as indicated and see which rows in the table they apply to.

To see all mushrooms, edible and poisonous, make no selection.

The rules are not independent, but partially ordered. Emping also finds and displays this order, including maximum and minimum rules, in graphs but this is not shown here. To find out more about this feature see Analysing Patients, Symptoms and Diagnoses in Medical Data . To find out more about Emping see the Emping 0.6 User Guide

Show rules with predicates for mushrooms, skipping the first rows.

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The total number of rules of this length for this value is 24

Habitat = wasteFind
Population = abundantFind
Population = numerousFind
Spore_Print_Color = buffFind
Spore_Print_Color = yellowFind
Spore_Print_Color = orangeFind
Spore_Print_Color = purpleFind
Ring_Type = flaringFind
Veil_Color = orangeFind
Veil_Color = brownFind
Stalk_Color_below_Ring = orangeFind
Stalk_Color_below_Ring = redFind
Stalk_Color_below_Ring = grayFind
Stalk_Color_above_Ring = orangeFind
Stalk_Color_above_Ring = redFind
Stalk_Color_above_Ring = grayFind
Stalk_Root = rootedFind
Gill_Color = orangeFind
Gill_Color = redFind
Odor = aniseFind
Odor = almondFind
Cap_Color = greenFind
Cap_Color = purpleFind
Cap_Shape = sunkenFind